Lumu Virtual Appliance - Manage Collectors

Create VA Collectors

The Lumu Virtual Appliance (VA) offers the option to create VA Collectors, a seamless way to collect the network metadata of your entire enterprise and forward it to the Lumu cloud with the lowest impact on the network operation. In this quick guide, we show you how to have your VA collectors up and running in minutes.

A Virtual Appliance Collector works as a processing mechanism that provides the ability to gather network metadata in a quick and straightforward manner. If you are interested in getting started with Lumu VA, access our Lumu Virtual Appliance documentation.


  1. Have the most recent version of the Lumu Virtual Appliance installed.
You can check the current version of the virtual appliance using the following command  lumu-appliance -v. For more information on how to upgrade the Lumu VA, consult Upgrade Virtual Appliances.
To have your VA collector up and running in minutes, follow three simple steps:
Steps to configure VA Collectors

Create VA Collectors

The first step is to add your VA collector in the Lumu Portal. For this, navigate to the Virtual Appliance menu, click on the VA in which you want to add the collector, then click to add a collector.

VA details area on Lumu Portal VA details area on Lumu Portal

When creating a Virtual Appliance, you are required to provide the following information:

  1. Name : a name for your VA collector.
  2. Type : the type of metadata you want this VA collector to process.
Creating a VA collector Creating a VA collector

According to your Lumu subscription, you can create up to 5 VA collectors per Lumu Virtual Appliance as per performance considerations. If you want to create more than 5 Collectors you should deploy a new VA.

Configure VA Collectors

Once the Virtual Appliance Collector has been added to the Lumu Portal, it’s time to configure it to send data to Lumu. Consult our documentation for details.

Manage VA Collectors

You can edit and remove collectors as needed from the Lumu Portal. Consult Manage Virtual Appliances for detailed guidance.

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