Lumu Portal for MSP - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Lumu Portal for MSP - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The Lumu Portal for MSP offers secure login alternatives through the use of two-factor authentication (2FA), in this case, One-time Password (OTP) on top of your account password. You can use the Authenticator app you prefer, such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator, for instance, to register your Lumu account and generate OTPs at your convenience. 
In this article, we will see how to enable and configure this extra layer of security for your Lumu for MSP account. 

Enable 2FA

First, log in to the Lumu Portal for MSP, look for your account in the top right corner of the screen, click on it and select your profile. Scroll down, and you will see  the Two-factor Authentication  view. 

Two-Factor Authentication Two-Factor Authentication

Once there, enable the use of your preferred authenticator app using the provided option. Now, the Lumu Portal will display a QR code and a registration code on screen, scan the QR code or enter the registration code manually into your authenticator app. 

As soon as Lumu is registered in your authenticator app, the Lumu Portal for MSP will provide you with a series of backup codes . Please save these codes, as they will be necessary if you ever need to disable 2FA or if you need to log in to your Lumu for MSP Account and you do not have your authenticator app at hand. 
This set of backup codes will only be available during registration. 
To validate the registration, the Lumu Portal will ask you to enter two different OTPs generated using your authenticator app. 

Enter and verify the OTPs and the validation process will be finished. 

Now you can use 2FA to securely log in to your Lumu for MSP Account. 

Disable 2FA

Go to your profile, the same manner we did to enable the feature. Instead of an option to enable, you will find an option to disable two-factor authentication, select it. Now, the Lumu Portal for MSP will display a popup requesting you to enter one of your backup codes, enter and verify the code, now you will be able to disable two-factor authentication in your Lumu account. 

How it works

Attempt to log in as you would normally by entering your account details in the Lumu Portal for MSP. Instead of going through, you will be prompted to a different screen asking you to enter an OTP to further validate your identity. 

If for any reason you don’t have access to your authenticator app, select the provided option that allows you to use a backup code. 

Backup codes can only be used once. They are meant to be used in emergency situations only, so use them sparingly. 
You will be provided access to your Lumu for MSP account if the backup code is validated correctly. 
If you don’t have access to your authenticator app due to loss of the device where it was installed, for example, you may want to consider disabling 2FA temporarily and registering a new authenticator app. 

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