Does Lumu Email Intelligence do any spam filtering?

Does Lumu Email Intelligence do any spam filtering?

No. Spam filtering and Lumu Email Intelligence are two vastly different solutions.

Spam filtering solutions are intended to block all malicious content. With Lumu you implement the following principle: blocking spam is good, analyzing it is better, continuously, and intentionally hunting for compromises and connecting the dots of the full compromise life-cycle.

Lumu breaks down your organization’s level of compromise in real time and provides a factual context for each step of the compromise life-cycle through a continuous collection and analysis of your network metadata that includes DNS, netflows, proxy & firewall access logs, inbox and spambox. These data streams tell your unique story, and Lumu correlates them against each other, so we can definitively illuminate your compromised IT assets and provide concrete evidence and context of every step the adversary is taking in your network infrastructure.

Check out our Lumu Email Intelligence documentation for general guidance and configuration.

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