Get Started with Lumu Free and know your compromise level quickly and easily

Lumu Free Guide

As we show in our Lumu offerings article, Lumu Free is a limited-visibility offering for getting started with the power of Lumu’s Continuous Compromise Assessment model. With Lumu Free you can set up real-time DNS ingestion using Lumu Gateways.

Besides having no cost, Lumu Free does not include a time limit, meaning you can know your compromise level for as long as you would like.

Lumu Free common deployment architectureFigure 1 - Lumu Free common deployment architecture.

Getting started with cybersecurity projects does NOT have to be a difficult endeavor. Getting up and running with Lumu Free is easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow these simple steps to set up your network for real-time compromise assessment in minutes:

Open a Lumu Free Account

   Open A Lumu Free Account

Create your Lumu Free account at, and invite your team.

Add a Public Gateway

   Add a Public Gateway

Add a Public Gateway to associate traffic to your organization.

Point your DNS to Lumu

   Point your DNS to Lumu

Point your DNS to Lumu to identify the level of compromise of your organization.

As soon as you open your account, the Lumu Portal interactive Wizard will provide you with further guidance:

You also have the option to take a free short course with video instructions on getting started with Lumu Free in our Lumu Academy.

Next steps

After setting up Lumu, you will start receiving alerts and notifications regarding communication between your infrastructure and adversaries. Dedicate some time to explore the Lumu Portal and familiarize yourself with how Lumu will deliver conclusive evidence on your unique compromise levels.

When you are ready to level up your Lumu experience by having detailed visibility, ingestion of extensive data sources, and more, upgrade to Lumu Insights or Lumu Defender for incorporating Continuous Compromise Assessment into your security operation.

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