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As we described in our Get Started article, all successful attacks have a common denominator: the cybercriminal must use the network.

Lumu covers from simple to complex infrastructures collecting network metadata from your extended perimeter through a variety of collectors such as installed agents, public gateways, API collection, and pre-configured Virtual Appliances that can be deployed on virtual machines or on cloud platforms. The collectors then relay the collected data to Lumu for Continuous Compromise Assessment.

Watch the following video and get familiar with the general deployment architecture of Lumu:

Select How to Deploy Lumu

Send your metadata for Continuous Compromise Assessment by Lumu using one or a combination of collectors. The selection of how to implement Lumu depends on your needs and how you want to integrate Lumu into your infrastructure.

Lumu Free and Lumu Insights

Take advantage of Lumu Free for starting to understand your compromise level and to get visibility into threats, attacks, and adversaries affecting your enterprise. When greater visibility is desired, implement network metadata collectors inside your network infrastructure with Lumu Insights.

Lumu Free - Start Understanding your Compromise Level

Lumu offers a freemium account to measure the compromise level of your infrastructure. It takes about 5 minutes to set up Lumu Free and you can start seeing DNS traffic immediately by using our Gateways.

Lumu Free is permanently offered at no cost; it is not a limited-time free trial. You may set up your account now and keep it for as long as you like.
Lumu Free - start understanding your compromise levelLumu Free - start understanding your compromise level.
Lumu Free includes:
  1. Real-time DNS ingestion using Lumu gateways as a collector for Continuous Compromise Assessment
  2. Limited visibility of confirmed indicators of compromise (IoCs)
  3. Access to Lumu Portal
  4. 45-day data retention
  5. Spambox and Agents (Add-on features)

Lumu Insights - Incorporate the Continuous Compromise Assessment into Your Security Operation

Lumu Insights offers detailed visibility and integration with your security operation. With Lumu Insights you can deploy Agents, Spambox, Custom Collectors API, and unlimited Virtual Appliances for 360-degree visibility that continuously assesses and highlights your network compromise.

With Lumu Insights you have unprecedented visibility into the detailed malicious activity of each private IP address in your network in real time. Lumu Insights can tell you exactly where the IoCs are located to help you eradicate compromises.
Lumu Insights and its collector’s variety.
With Lumu Insights you have:
  1. Seamless integration with your current infrastructure for automatic and real-time ingestion of extensive metadata sources: DNS, netflows, access logs, and spam box
  2. Sophisticated attack pattern recognition
  3. The automated MITRE ATT&CK Matrix
  4. Unlimited Virtual Appliances for on-premise and Cloud data collection
  5. Remote endpoint monitoring and compromised assets pinpointed
  6. Up to 2 years of data retention
  7. Up 2 years of data retention with flexible reporting capabilities Playback(™)
We also offer Lumu On-Demand, an ad hoc compromise assessment. To know more about our illumination options in addition to Lumu Insights, visit our illumination options page.

Now that you know our illumination options, it is time to set up your environment. We created step-by-step guides to help you have Lumu illuminating your environment in minutes.

  1. Lumu Free Deployment Guide
  2. Lumu Insights Deployment and Integration Guide

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