I have Lumu Free, how can I get the Agent as an add-on?

I have Lumu Free, how can I get the Agent as an add-on?

If you are a Lumu Free customer, the ability to deploy agents can be enabled as an add-on or you can upgrade to Lumu Insights, which offers you additional correlation capabilities, and overall better compromise detection.

To request the Lumu Agent add-on or upgrade to Lumu Insights, go to the Lumu Portal, and navigate to the Agents menu. Read more about how to illuminate your users anywhere with the Lumu Agent in our blog.

This is a comparison between what you can get with the Lumu Agent on Lumu Free and Lumu Insights:

Lumu Agent as Add-on - Lumu Free

  1. Monitor your remote devices with an easily installed agent.
  2. Frictionless deployment to your entire user population.
  3. Control the installation groups and status of each agent.

Lumu Agent on Lumu Insights

  1. All the benefits from the add-on features + gain automatic and real-time ingestion of extensive metadata sources.
  2. Insightful data to activate a precise response in a timely fashion.
  3. Conclusive evidence on compromise behavior.